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 Characterbook - Leader

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+2 Sharp, Mystic +1, 6 points to spend on other stats (they start at -2)

You get these:

By default, your chantry consists of about dozen mages, all of them sharing a single, medium-strength node. You are well prepared to fight enemy insurgency – your people and their consors fight as a 3-harm medium gang with 1-ward. They are, however, unruly and getting them all in one place and time, unless the chantry is in grave danger, might be like herding cats.

Want: meddling of the enemy
Surplus: 2 quintessence stored in node

Chose three:
• You are recognized as a combatant chantry (want: embattled, surplus: spoils of war)
• You are recognized as a research chantry (add want: experiment gone awry and surplus: discovery)
• You have access to your own horizon realm, its size depending on your node (weak node: extradimensional closet; medium node: a couple of rooms; strong node: a true realm; add want: meddling of the Umbrood and surplus: pacts with the Umbrood)
• Either your node is extremely powerful or you have access to more than one (add want: theft of the quintessence and surplus: +2 quintessence stored in node)
• Your chantry is exceptionally big, couple of dozens of awakened (your people fight as a big gang, add want: internal strife)
• Your people count among the intellectual and spiritual elite of the awakened (add surplus: insight)
• Your chantry is well hidden and protected by ancient wards (your people fight with 2-ward)
• Your people are well disciplined and ready to help you in your schemes (disciplined instead of unruly)

Chose two:
• Your chantry is small and insecure, less than a dozen of awakened (your people fight as a small gang, add want: desertion)
• Your node runs almost dry (surplus: only 1 quintessence stored in node)
• Your people hold a dark secret (add want: savagery)
• Your chantry hasn’t managed to establish any serious protection (your people fight with 0-ward)
• Sleepers’ agencies are interested in your workings (add want: leaks)
• Your chantry must pay off its dues to the Horizon (you must pay 1 quintessence whenever there’s downtime or suffer displeasing your higher-ups)
• Your people aren’t really warriors (they fight as a 2-harm gang)

Wealth: If your chantry is secure and your rule unchallenged, at the beginning of the session, roll +sharp. On a 10+, you have surplus at hand and available for the needs of the session. On a 7–9, you have surplus, but choose 1 want. On a miss, or if your chantry is compromised or your rule contested, your chantry is in want.

Leadership: when your gang fights for you, roll +sharp. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 1. Over the course of the fight, spend your hold 1 for 1 to make your gang:
• make a hard advance
• stand strong against a hard advance
• make an organized retreat
• fight and die to the last
• help you working magick – take +1 forward
On a miss, your gang gets loose and/or starts following someone else’s lead.

You must wait to get some of these:
Enemy of my enemy: your political exploits made you both friends and enemies. At the beginning of the session roll +sharp. On 10+ hold 1; on 7-9 hold 1 and MC holds 1 over you; on a miss MC holds 1 over you. You may spend your hold to get help from an ally. MC may spend their hold to hinder you with a distraction by a rival. Details of either help or distraction remain for MC to decide.

Oftener right: when a character comes to you for advice, tell them what you honestly think the best course is. If they do it, they take +1 to any rolls they make in the doing, and you mark an experience circle.

Seasoned schemer: when plotting against a rival, roll +sharp instead of +mystic for going magick.

On your turn:
• Choose whether you are by nature generous with your trust and resources, or reserved. If the former, then tell everyone Hx+1. If the latter, then tell everyone Hx=0.
On the others’ turns, choose 1 or both:
• One of them has been with you since before. Whatever number that player tells you, give it +1 and write it next to the character’s name.
• One of them once betrayed you or stole from you. Whatever number that player tells you, ignore it; write Hx+3 next to the character’s name instead.
Everyone else, whatever number they tell you, write it next to their character’s name.

• a new Leader move
• a new Leader move
• a new move from another character playbook
• +1 cool (max 2)
• +1 hard (max 2)
• +1 hot (max 2)
• +1 sharp (max 3)
• a new option for your chantry
• a new option for your chantry
• erase an option from your chantry
• a new sphere of magick
• a new sphere of magick
• +1 mystic
• +1 to any stat other than mystic (max +3)
• a supernatural Consor
• change your character to a new type
• retire your character to safety
• expand four basic moves
• expand four basic moves
• a capstone ability for one of your spheres
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Characterbook - Leader
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