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Niżej ściągawka, której używaliśmy w trakcie gry. Wybiera się trzy na starcie. Minor effects wchodzą bez żadnych rzutów, lista krótka, jakoś niespecjalnie czarowaliśmy drobnostki, żeby dało się coś dopisać.

You’re adept at channeling prime energy. You may suppress or empower any process that relies on its flow.
Minor effects: channeling quintessence into tass
Capstone ability: you’ve become One with the Universe – your attunement allows you to recreate non-capstone effects of all pattern spheres (Life, Matter, Spirit and Mind) by altering the flow of quintessence alone.

You have achieved utmost control over non-animated physical substance. You may alter or transmute its patterns at will.
Minor effects: mending simple objects
Capstone ability: you’ve obtained Philosopher’s Stone, enabling you to fashion entirely new kinds of magickal matter essential for the most powerful rituals

Human mind holds no secrets from you. You’re able to read, understand, alter and null all of its patterns.
Minor effects: shielding one’s thoughts and emotions, multitasking, knowing simple facts about person one has just met
Capstone ability: you’re now in a God’s image, one of the few able to Architect Intelligence.

Your powers direct heat, cold, electricity, magnetism, gravity and many more. Versed in magickal physics, you may trace, create, transmute, strengthen or null any imaginable force pattern.
Minor effects: switching lights, emiting and receiving radio transmissions
Capstone ability: You’ve mastered the secret of ultimate destruction. Your will shall make Worlds Set Ablaze.

Your understanding of the ways of fate allows you to sense and alter probabilities as well as accelerate the rate at which things meet their destiny.
Minor effects: minor influence on games of chance
Capstone ability: you’ve become the Speaker of Destiny. You may tell the true fate of every single being in the multiverse and, if you wish so, change it to suit your agenda.

Your mystical background allows you to create portals of various size and purpose between any number points in physical space. You may also warp the very fabric of space itself, changing dimensions and shape of any object or area within it.
Minor effects: inhuman sense of direction
Capstone ability: You live in a hidden World of Mirrors. Wherever any single place is, you’re already there. You may still need some effort to direct your consciousness (acting under fire and, in some cases, having sufficient understanding of the Spirit sphere), but you’re essentially there.

Your perceptions and actions transcend time. You may hasten or slow the flow of time, see things past, glance into possible futures and travel forward to them.
Minor effects: inhuman sense of the flow of time
Capstone ability: Yours is the secret of the True Reversal. You may travel back in time and change the ways in which history unfolded.

Your magic sculpts flesh. You may change properties of living organism in harmful or beneficial way as well as create entirely new forms of life.
Minor effects: healing and harming small creatures, quickening natural healing of complex organisms
Capstone ability: you’ve attained Life Eternal. Now only magick stronger than yours could conceivably bring you death.

You’re able to traverse vast umbral dimensions and venture even further, beyond the horizon. Your knowledge of umbral denizens allows you to awaken, shape and alter spirit-form, all according to your enlightened will.
Minor effects: conversing with spirits, awakening minor dormant spirits
Capstone ability: You’ve gained the power to Create Domain, and you’re becoming ready to shape your own, private umbral universe.
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